Gala der PreisträgerInnen des SoloTanzTheaterWettbewerbs Stuttgart, 18.11.2018

Gala der PreisträgerInnen des SoloTanzTheaterWettbewerbs Stuttgart, 18.11.2018

18.11.2018 / 20:00 - 21:00 Uhr / HebelHalle - Künstlerhaus UnterwegsTheater

2018 – zum achten Mal in Folge in Heidelberg!

Gala der Preisträger des SoloTanzTheaterWettbewerbs Stuttgart

Marcelo Santos, Künstlerischer Leiter und Choreograph

Sonntag, 18. November, 20.00 Uhr, HebelHalle


The winners of the 22nd International Solo-Dance-Theater Festival Stuttgart 2018:

1st Choreography Prize: Angel Duran Muntada (Spain) with „The Beauty of it“

Jury statement: “A piece full of precise and well-constructed will. Video, text, music and movement all correspond to the idea and the concept. The mode of expression reflects the content of the piece.”

2nd Choreography Prize: Lukas Karvelis (Lithuania) with „Blank spots“

Jury statement: “Lukas Karvelis presented the duality of a personality with a courageous concept, and went through a transformation in his choreography. He developed and used innovative movements as he put his background into different contexts. He captivated the audience by embodying different personalities.”

3rd Choreography Prize: Roberta Ferrara (Italy) with „EQUAL TO MEN“

Jury statement: “One could feel the dynamic between choreographer and dancer. The movement construction is clever. She used the whole space by using small and big movements. Her musicality is great. Roberta Ferrara illustrated the virility of the Amazonias.”

1st Dance Prize: Francesca Bedin (Italy) with „In dieser Frau“

Jury statement: “A natural born dancer with a very strong stage presence! Francesca Bedin presented her vast quality and wide range of movements in a very natural way. She is very authentic and has a clear focus. She invites us on her journey.”

2nd Dance Prize: Ke?vin Coquelard (France) with „Le Somnanbule“

Jury statement: “He has the ability to express himself in a personal and honest way. He shows a diversity of techniques that he does not use to show off. He transforms impulses into movements which are unpredictable. He surprises himself as well as the audience.”

3rd Dance Prize: Tonia Laterza (Italy) with „EQUAL TO MEN“

Jury statement: “She wins us over with her incredible commitment to the piece and shows a multitude of facets. We enjoyed her stamina and ability to switch between small and big movements. Tonia Laterza was strong in details, had an enormous stage presence and a grounded personality.”

Jurymembers 2018: Bernhard Fauser, Artistic director HebelHalle, Künstlerhaus UnterwegsTheater, managing director Choreographisches Centrum Heidelberg, Ricardo Fernando, Director of ballet and chief choreographer, Theater Augsburg, Diana Fontes, Founder and artistic director of „Encontro de Danca Contemporánea“ in Natal, Brazil, Toula Limnaios, Artistic director and choreographer, cie. toula limnaios, Josh Martin Artistic Co-Director        of the Vancouver-based “Company 605”, performer and choreographer.

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